Mobile Payment Option

for Security Bank

Pay your bills online

Follow these simple steps and start paying your bills online through our app

Step 1

Log in to your security bank Online app

Step 2

From the menu at the buttonselect the bills icon

Step 3

Select your account

Step 4

Select you billler / Merchant

Step 5

Find in the necessary details

Step 6

You can scheduke and set up recuring payments

Step 7 

Enter your OTP code

Step 8 

Tap "Confirm Payment" after recieving the details entered

A few Things to remenber

To check if your transaction was successful, a reference number will be given to you along with the details of your transaction

You will also recieve an email notification confirming that payment or transfer has been completed

It is also advisable to check your balance after your transaction to see if you've beed debited.